Information Security

It is much more than just technology which underpins the creation and use of information, it's architecture, metadata & content quality.

Organisations are confronted with multitudes of information management issues and while this can be overwhelming, there are more practical ways of delivering solutions that work within and beyond these limitations.

Data Security

Threats around data confidentiality and privacy are under greater focus now more than ever before, as ubiquitous internet access expose critical organisational data and personal information to continuous security threats.

Protecting data begins with identifying the many types of information critical to your business requirements, that could risk exposure to an organisation.

Network Security

While territoriality and control issues still exist between the physical and IT security regimes within an organisation, the role of the network in security technology is vital.

At the same time, insider threats and intruders are getting increasingly sophisticated and bold, blending IT techniques with entry points through different defenses.